• Planning like a BOSS!

    I should know better than to set up goals and plans. 2016 has been a year of change for me. It all started off all calm and quiet-like. So, I set

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  • Are you not entertained?

    Every time I submit a story to a magazine, I feel as though I’ve entered an epic fight to the death. My story is a gladiator, fighting for the amusement

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  • Offline

    The other day I ended up in a building that hosted the federal circuit court for 9+ hours. No, I wasn’t a guest of agency nor did I commit any

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  • Woman Who Reads Books

    Recently, I came across Robert Pattinson’s (cue the swoons) quote on girls who read. I read it twice before I cross-posted on my author Facebook feed. Then I read it

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  • Stretching that creative muscle

    There are days (and nights) I don’t feel like I’ve stretched my creative muscles. And when I do, I often feel like I’ve developed a brain related charley-horse. Creativity and

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  • The importance of exercise & discipline

    I’m about to use the E-word and the D-word (exercise & discipline). If either of those words offend you… Just avert your eyes and put a Post-it over the offending content.

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  • Up to no good

    Remember when we were kids and time just seemed to never end? Sitting in the corner for 5 minutes was an eternity. The bus ride to school never seemed to

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  • Writing the perfect villain

      What makes a perfect villain? It’s not the mustache twirling, top hat wearing trope of yesteryear. A solid villain is a character that the reader can relate too. Any mustache twirling is subtle.

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  • 2015 Round Up

    When I find the time bandit that warped me in to December, I’m going to pummel my seconds and minutes out of him/her/it/whatever. Seriously? How’d it get to the end

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  • The End is Nigh!!

    It’s almost the end of November and I’m no where near finished any of my goals. For NaNoWriMo, I’m typing words madly,  hoping to hit the goal. ARGH!!!! There isn’t enough

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Getting my groove back

Over the last couple of years, I went through  a rough writing patch. Either I didn’t feel well enough to capture the myriad of thoughts running amok in my brainpan or I had too many adult responsibilities that chomped through my time faster than a Pacman eats the glowing pellets. I have a folder in the cloud bursting with bits

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