It was all a Dream

As a general rule, I don’t sleep very well.  When I have a lot on my plate, my sleep patterns are even worse.  And I dream.

The dreaming isn’t bad, it’s just exhausting.

For example, last night I slept the sleep of the zonked from 9:30pm-ish to 1:30am (how do I know the time? I awoke with a start and saw my clock).  From then on out, the following happened in my brain:

I was at a sports arena, trying to attend some sort of a game (no, I’m not a sports watcher).  In order to get into the stands, I had to go to the bowels of the facility to get a loan and the tickets.  Was the loan for the ticket?  I have no idea.  I was led into a vault-ish area, which turned in to a pub-like place.  Just after the transition, there was a BOOM!  Aliens had landed.  Someone taps my shoulder, and it’s Doctor Who (David Tennant‘s incarnation), with Captain Jack Harkness, and the weird little lizard engineer from the 2009 Star Trek movie.  They are all at the ready to help defend the pub from the human-looking aliens.  Peeled oranges are prepared to use as weapons.  The lights flicker madly.  The doors bust open…

And, I wake up.

I was supremely unamused. Everything was in technicolor.

There’s a story somewhere in this.  Who are the aliens? Why do they look like us?  Are they deathly allergic to citrus a la Dr. McKay of Star Gate: Atlantis? Why would I need a loan to get tickets to a sporting event I’m really not interested in?

Last?  Why didn’t the Doctor ask me into his TARDIS? I’m companion material.  I am!

This is why I write stories.  If my brain won’t finish a dream, I’ll darn well finish it my way!



  • Love where this post went, after the exhaustion of picturing your dream!

    • It was an exhausting night. Dreams should never make us work that hard. 🙂

  • Whoa – that dream covered a lot of territory! Seems like it was leading you on a quest, but to where? Not your preferred path of traveling with a Time Lord…. But maybe someplace it thought you should go? Frustrating in itself – not too mention having to go to work the next morning after a night like that!

    Time to write the TARDIS version for yourself!

    • Dream questing is an exhausting thing. The TARDIS would be the perfect escape. I love to run away to write and plot another day.

      Though, my subconscious has been niggling at me a lot lately. I’m doing my best to ignore it. 😛

  • Love it that I’m not the only one out there waking up in the middle of the night and going– #1: WTF was THAT? and #2: Why’d I have to wake up just THEN? 🙂

    • I still need to figure out the citrus. All I could think of, as I remembered it, was “Pulped Aliens”.

  • LOL Excellent post! I love dreaming. I’m a lucid dreamer and I always dream in techni-color and surround sound. But I usually don’t have nightmares because I’m aware I’m dreaming and if it starts to go bad I just re-write it. I thought of keeping a dream journal but by the time I have the opportunity to write them down, I’ve forgotten half of them!

    • I’m with you. When I was younger, I learned to redirect my dreams to avoid the scary ones. I just object when I wake up before it really gets interesting. 🙂

  • I often use dreams too to get inspired for stories 🙂 Great post!

    • It’s true, my best ideas come from my dreams.

  • Random, unsolicited advice:

    Having a clock you can see and read in the dark is GUARANTEED to exacerbate insomnia and sleeping issues. 100% guaranteed. Ditch the LED and get something analog. That doesn’t glow in the dark!

    • Thank you my friend! 🙂 Said clock has been banished. Now to get black out blinds.

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