New Writing Rules

Recently, I posted on my Facebook page my new writing rules:

Step 1: Turn on the brain
Step 2: Kick self-doubt in the balls and out the door
Step 3: Start writing, even if it’s a page of ‘derp’

Writing is an act of will.  Application of finger to keyboard (or pen to paper if that is your preferred method) is the only way to arrive at your goal of publication.

Then finish it!  Write the ending first and then start at the beginning.  Start with a pivotal scene that will make the story sing, then work both ends to the middle.  If you hit a block? Skip over it and get to the next point.

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! (yes, that is a Star Trek reference)

Don’t let those thoughts of discord and doubt stop you.  The difference between publication and staying in the minor leagues is persistence.

Tell a story that will inspire, evoke an emotional response, and make the reader ask questions.

Just write.




  • Couldn’t agree more! Even if you’re writing tripe, get it out of your head and onto paper — or screen — and fix it later. The important part is “applying the seat of your pants, to the seat of the chair”.

    And chocolate.

    Definitely chocolate.

    • How could I forget the chocolate!

  • Ah – there’s my problem – step 1. LOL. Hope the writing is going well this week!

    • Step 1, sometimes the gray matter has to be rebooted. 🙂

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