Getting my groove back

Over the last couple of years, I went through  a rough writing patch. Either I didn’t feel well enough to capture the myriad of thoughts running amok in my brainpan or I had too many adult responsibilities that chomped through my time faster than a Pacman eats the glowing pellets.

I have a folder in the cloud bursting with bits and pieces, but nothing that could be called a story.

Don’t get me wrong, I had/have/will always have plans. The second Drakkon book, a trio of novellas, short stories winking at me in the shadows, but nothing gelled!!!!!!


Tumbleweeds were drag racing in the open plain of my brain. The scratchy branches sounded like a bazillion spiders running across a drum head.

Excuse me as I find a rolled up newspaper and start extermi… wait… an idea! I know that creepy idea that has interfered with my ability to sleep for the last couple of months. Creepy insects…space…aliens? or explorers…

I’ll be write back. I need to go all Ripley from Aliens in my head and bang out a story.




One comment

  • It’s hard…isn’t it? 😏 there are days the brain and the body are completely empty…😘 but we go on…

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