2015 Round Up

When I find the time bandit that warped me in to December, I’m going to pummel my seconds and minutes out of him/her/it/whatever.

Seriously? How’d it get to the end of the year?  I know, the Steve Miller Bad would tell me time keeps slipping into the future. Great, now I have the earworm. Partake with me and listen to the psychedelic musings with me (yes, I’ve posted this before. it’s a classic for a reason).

I had grand plans this year. Slash & Burn, the follow up to Hot Flashes would be finished,  I’d have a series of novellas ready to publish in a serial format, and several short stories vying for publishing dominance in various magazines.

A girl can always dream big.

2014 was a tough writing year. Somewhere, I lost my mojo.

2015-12-22 11.15.36


In 2015, my mojo slowly started returning. The fact that I was actively looking for it and hoarding what I found may have help.

I did submit a short story to an anthology. I should hear back some time at the end of December or beginning of January its fate (keep your fingers crossed). I have another story almost ready to go out, I have eyes on it to make sure I haven’t completely lost my mind.

The novellas look like they are turning into their own series of novels. Slash & Burn is ready to rock and roll into its final draft.



Lessons learned in 2015:

  • RELAX. The more you tense up and worry about how much and how well you are writing, is the moment you lose your mojo.
  • Make writing a daily habit. It doesn’t have to be amazing, you just have to pay attention to the habit.
  • Study the craft. You and your writing deserve to stay educated in the craft of writing. Take a class, join a group of writers, participate and network in your local writing organizations (a shameless plug for James River Writers, an amazing organization).
  • Connect with other writersRealizing you are not alone is an amazing feeling. When you connect with others who share your passion, it is stimulating and exciting.

My mojo never left. It got buried by fear, life, responsibilities, and family. None of these things are bad, but I wasn’t managing my time well.

For 2016, I promise to feed and exercise my mojo, giving it the time it needs to send me into the future.






  • Wishing you and your mojo much writing success in 2016.

    • You too! May your words form the art that you write. Happy holidays!

      • Sweet words Leila.

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