Up to no good

Remember when we were kids and time just seemed to never end? Sitting in the corner for 5 minutes was an eternity. The bus ride to school never seemed to end. The minute hand never seemed to move.

Those were the days.

Now everything is managed by the ever circling hour, minute, second hands of the clock.


(Sorry about the dizziness)

I crave those childhood days where time was plentiful. Now I’m running to satisfy the cruel overlord  Time.

Creative people need to take the time they need to nurture their art. Writing, paining, drawing, cooking, anything that uplifts you and gives you energy.

For me, I have to make time to hang with my writing friends. When we meet, it is a place of safety and energy. We can talk about anything (yes, I mean ANYTHING -rosebud). A place where we can inspire each other, give feedback, and come away brimming with excitement for projects.

Taking care of your inner creative is essential. Carving out minutes and hours from the modern schedule can to be a challenge.

Balance is the answer and I really suck at it. It’s up to me to smash the clock and find balance in all that I do.


Much like the mischief map of Hogwarts, I solemnly swear to free myself of restraints and let me inner mischief-maker out to wreak a little havoc.Print



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  • True just not enough time in a day.

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