Stretching that creative muscle

There are days (and nights) I don’t feel like I’ve stretched my creative muscles. And when I do, I often feel like I’ve developed a brain related charley-horse.


Creativity and exercise have a lot in common. In order to get the best out of each, you have to move or create.

I’ve been working on both. Let me tell you, I hate to exercise.

I really, REALLY hate to exercise.

That being said, I’ve changed my morning routine to get my behind out of bed and use that stupid recumbent bike for 30 minutes each day. I’ll just say that my body is unimpressed with my decision.

Keeping the creativity flowing is much the same. I have to dedicate time to my writing each day and stick to it.


Creativity is all about perspective. Taking your brain out of a comfortable pattern and turning your point of view upside down. Does anyone see my conflict. I need to establish a writing routine, but I also need to keep my perspective fresh.

ARGH! I’ve just had a brain cramp.

Okay, I’m better (kinda).

For me, changing my perspective on how I view creativity and life is all about my being willing to strengthen my creative muscles. Which includes, but not limited to, writing in different locales, killing off characters, writing from a different POV, or just starting over again (using version control so I don’t lose anything).

I won’t say that I’ll be 100% in my quest, life has a way of getting in the way. But, I will say I will do my best to be in shape physically and mentally.


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