Woman Who Reads Books

Recently, I came across Robert Pattinson’s (cue the swoons) quote on girls who read.


I read it twice before I cross-posted on my author Facebook feed. Then I read it again.

I am that ‘Girl Who Reads Books’, though at my age it should read ‘Woman Who Reads Books’ or a WWRB (I’m calling dibs on the t-shirt idea).

Books have always been there for me. Inspiring me, entertaining me, making snort liquid (not snot) out of my nose, and bringing people (imaginary and real) into my world. They are a cherished part of my childhood. Getting me through my angst ridden teen years and through my 20’s. Aside from my time in Portugal, my books have traveled with me everywhere.

When I move, book boxes take up 60% of my boxes, with 2 boxes filled with pretty rocks (don’t judge. they are pretty rocks).

I’d rather spend money on books than the essentials. Buying e-books is so easy, but hard on the budget. 🙂

I know that some people prefer only ‘real’ books to e-books. I say what ever floats your literary boats. But I love the age of the e-book. As long as I have a charge, I love the fact that I can have my entire library available to me. I can flit between books like a bee between flowers.

Now that I write, I understand what the authors when through to get their books to print. I  truly appreciate the effort. Authors I love, I’ll read over and over. Each time I learn something. New authors that strike a chord in me? I’ll mainline their books like a junkie on smack.

The bottom line is as a WWRB, I am looking for that MWRB (man who reads books) to compliment my life.





  • Lovely post, Leila. I bet there’s a MWRB in your near future. I hope you will come over some day to look at my pretty rocks, I never leave them behind, either.

    • Thanks Sheila! Yes, we need to admire pretty rocks. 🙂

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