Planning like a BOSS!

I should know better than to set up goals and plans. 2016 has been a year of change for me. It all started off all calm and quiet-like. So, I set up daily, weekly, and monthly writing goals. I felt all good and productive about it, there were calendars, daily reminders, and everything.


I should have been very suspicious. But I blithely forged ahead with writing and work.

The first hint that my plan was doomed might have been my computer crashing. Then, a small change in administrative job responsibilities happened. No big deal, I could deal with that.

My job went south to Georgia (yay!) and my professional life got a bit dicey. You see, I am a pragmatist. I like having a steady income, it keeps the stress at bay and lets me pay my bills.

Mixed in with my pragmatism, is a healthy dose of optimism. When those doors and windows close, I use my imaginary explosives and blow those blockages apart and make a new opportunity (remember I said imaginary).

Introduce the new opportunity and the world’s shortest interview ever:

INT: An busy cubicle farm.

SOON TO BE NEW BOSS: So, do you still want to work for me?

ME: Yes.


Yep, 10 seconds and a job offer later that evening.

I began my new career as a Global Travel Program Administrator on June 1st. With the roll out of a new corporate program, software, policy, and training. And the perk of traveling to the exotic locale of Duluth…Georgia.

Did I mention, I’m the Co-chair of the 2016 James River Writers Conference (check out our line-up!).

It’s been a little busy, solid writing time got put on the back burner while I juggled everything else.

The steep learning curve for the new job has leveled out a bit. I’m expecting this to become crazy again as we roll out the new program and policies out globally at the beginning of the year (there may be international travel).

The voices in my head are now down to a dull roar now that I’m writing again.


What I meant to say, in a very circuitous way, is ‘Life Happens’. Not when I’m making other plans, but when I’m dealing with change and keeping my eyes on the goal – global publishing domination.



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  • Leila, congrats on the job and I know it will be a great conference!

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